Chesed Committee

Our Chesed Committee is a group of dedicated volunteers who provide comfort, support and soup to those congregants in need.  We deliver meals for families after the birth of a baby, during illness and for shiva needs. Currently we are working to expand our “mitzvah mate” program where two friends go to visit a congregant who no longer can get to our shul.  In addition, with the encouragement of Rebbetzen Esti Kilimnick, we have just begun a program called “Yad Shalom.” In this program congregants work together to provide support for needs in the greater Rochester community.

Come join us! You may contact the Chesed Committee co-chairs Deborah Kornfeld and Ruth Silver by email:



Thursday, January 18
  • Rabbi Frand Lecture Thursday, January 18  9:00 pm - 10:00 pm
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