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2024 Ambassadors of Humanity Dinner



Ambassadors of Humanity Dinner

The Ambassador of Humanity Award was founded in 2007, and was established to honor individuals who, through their identification with or relationship to Judaism exemplified one of three pillars:  Congregation Beth Sholom, Rochester Jewish Community (chessed) and the State of Israel. 
To be an honoree for Congregation Beth Sholom Ambassador, individuals demonstrated their selfless love and dedication to our shule through service and deeds that enhanced and promoted Beth Sholom. 
To be an honoree for Community Ambassador, individuals demonstrated chessed that not necessarily extended exclusively to the Jewish community; but rather took a Tikkun Olam approach to our society in a meaningful and local way. 
To be an honoree for Israel Ambassador, individuals demonstrated not only their love for our biblical homeland, but additionally regularly worked to promote the many positive aspects of the Jewish State. 
In 2023, our Rabbi Dov Winston, added a fourth vital component for an additional Ambassador of Humanity Honoree:  The Youth Ambassador award.  Individuals for this award demonstrate the importance of ensuring the continued vitality of Congregation Beth Sholom through their acts to promote our shule to other young individuals.
Congregation Beth Sholom has the unique distinction of promoting individuals who provide good works through selfless volunteerism through these Ambassadorships, in order to broadcast the beauty of Judaism and its many wonderful aspects.  This is no regular fund raising event.  It honors those who do, not just those who give.

Past Recipients


Barbara & Marvin Gray and Morris Isaacson
Robert David
Helen Cohen and
June Slavny
Jacob & Lois Kluger
Barry Gruber
Camelia Marzouk
Steve Schwartz
Dr. Mort & Chana Isaacs
David Movsky
Rabbi & Rebbetzin Kilimnick
David Isaacs
Naomi Silver
Phyllis Kasdin
Michael Dobkowski
Barbara Appelbaum
Elliot Fix
BJ & Julian Yudelson
Dave Rogachefsky
Dr. Nina Schor
Dr. Sidney & Barbara Sobel
Rabbi & Rebbetzin Kilimnick
Jim & Ann Anderson
Ronald & Marilyn Furman
Senator Joe Robach
Dr. Arthur Moss
Paster Ronald Domina and Lori Sousa
Leon Katsen
Jane August
Avi Seidmann
Bruce & Karen Zivan
Patti Munter and
Tim Alter
Rabbi & Rebbetzin Kilimnick
Michal Benita-Weiss and Michal Spivak
Mon, June 24 2024 18 Sivan 5784